Treasures in your office: 10 years of hardware and software

We’re moving our office later this month and in preparation, we’ve been cleaning up over the past 2 months. Its amazing how much “stuff” you can acquire in 10 years in one location. I’ve recycled dozens of books, hardware products. It’s aso amazing how the field has changed in recent years going from the big packaging for software to the quick, easy downloads over the last 2 years.

 One of my favorite products, the ICE Board had 8 processors, cost over $7,000 and allowed you to accelerate After Effects and Infini-D, a easy to use 3D animation software. The board paid for itself in the first project, and allowed us to make the deadline but its amazing that for about $500 today, you have more processing power and a full computer.

  I recommend everyone, at least once a month, takes the opportunity and clean up so you don’t collect to many treasures.

An actual box, package for the Netscape Browser.

Apple’s New Media Program for developers, some great resources and examples.

An amazing CD-ROM for example and Director’s Lingo Code that could be re-used in projects.