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Videos for TEDxPhilly 2010 are now online #inspirational

We got to be part of TEDxPhilly as a sponsor at the end of last year. It was a great event and some amazing speakers from Philadelphia. Check out my favorite below:




TEDxPhilly – Chris Lehmann – Education is broken


TEDxPhilly – Simon Hauger – On workshop education


TEDxPhilly – Stanford Thompson – Tune Up Philly


TEDxPhilly – Robert J. Moore – The data explosion



To view all sessions visit: http://tedxphilly.com/videos

First session presentation download on Video Basics: Understanding Flash, HTML 5 & MPEG4 at #edc10

Understanding Flash, MPEG 4 & HTML 5 Video

A comprehensive introduction to video technology, compression and delivery standards. This session will provide an overview with everything you need to know about editing, preparing and delivering the highest quality video to your users. We’ll discuss techniques and interactivity that can be added as well as the latest standards and how you can take advantage of open source, free tools, as well as the latest applications for getting the smallest file sizes and the highest quality. We’ll also discuss the hardware and software that is needed to create your own in-house studio and for green screening speakers for under $1,500.