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Amazon Prime – Great resource if you order several times a year

I discovered Amazon Prime, back in 2006 and find it to be a great way to save time, money and make it easy to order products. If you order several products a year, you can get free 2 day shipping and overnight shipping on most items for $3.99. It costs $79 per year but you can easily save that after several shipments.

If you order books, movies, hardware, or software I would recommend taking a look at the program.



Safari 4.0 release removes the “innovative” interface for tabs

Remember back in Feb when Apple made the beta available and they moved the tabs above the header menu, what an uproar the web community had about it and what were they thinking. After just installing the release of the Safari today I’m sad to see the navigation toolbar has reverted back to the original tabs beneath the url. After using the beta and getting use to the tabs above I believe it was an improvement of navigation because it allowed for easier reading of tabs and and allowed you to separate them from the content area. Now with the tabs below, like every major browser, it seems to disconnect the content or have an invisible barrier between the two content and the navigation. I hope Apple brings back the new design or allows us to choose in a future update, maybe in Snow Leopard. Otherwise the browser is fast and works great, see some of the new features at http://www.apple.com/safari/features.html




Download Today: http://www.apple.com/safari/download/

What’s New:


If you are making a presentation, check out this cordless remote to help free you from your laptop.

If you find yourself making a couple presentations a year or a month, I would recommend purchasing the Logitech 2.4ghz Cordless Presenter. It run’s under $45, Amazon: http://tr.im/iTm9, and frees you from being in front of or near your laptop. A USB connector, neatly pulls out of the back and plugs into your computer and sliding the on button on the remote to On allows you to connect with PowerPoint, Keynote or your favorite presentation tool. It allows for forward and backward movement as well as a built in laser pointer to assist in focusing the audience’s attention and parts of your screen. There is also a built in timer, which you can preset for a time limit and the remote will buzz to make sure you know you are running low on time and its time to wrap-up. I’ve plugged it into Macs, PCs with XP and Vista and no software is installed for quick use in case you are presenting from a client site. The display also displays how much battery life is left and it lasts approx 6 months based on your usage.
I’ve tried several other remotes over the years and found this to be the perfect size, feature set and ease of use to be able to quickly use during daily presentations.

Posterous – amazing web app for blogging + sharing information.

Check out from an web 2.0 application stand point, this site is amazing. It takes the concept of blogging or maintaining a web site to a whole new level by allowing you to easily e-mail just about any type of content and it will auto build the page or entry for you. It could not get any easier. The design of the site is beautiful and clean. It the first major web site that has truly amazed me in the past couple of months and its a great new tool to use to share, blog or post content. The site will auto post the same info, if you want to twitter, flckr, as well as all major blogging tools. I highly recommend giving it a test drive and I’m sure you’ll jump on board. http://is.gd/eNfP