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Join us at the Wharton Web Conference July 10 – Steve Wozniak is Keynote speaker!

We’ll be participating with a session on HTML5: Beyond the Hype. We‘ll take a look beyond the HTML5 hype and learn why you should be moving to the new standards. Learn why its important in the evolution of web apps and content delivery, what key technologies you should learn today to take advantage of and dissect several examples of HTML5.

Check out the great line up of sessions and speakers at:


Upcoming Conference: Software User Assistance March 11-14 Memphis TN- Discounts thru Jan 15

The Conference for Software User Assistance is quickly approaching. The event takes place March 11-14 in Memphis. The focus is on techniques for creating a better experience for people working with our software. Early registration discounts end this coming Saturday, Jan. 15.

I’ll be there presenting on media compression and gaming. Hope to see you there.


How current filters are effecting what we see in search engines and our data flows. Great TED talk by Eli Pariser. Everyone should watch.

TED talk by Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”, something we all need to be aware of and think about how to address.

http://www.ted.com As web companies strive to tailor their services (including news and search results) to our personal tastes, there’s a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a “filter bubble” and don’t get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview. Eli Pariser argues powerfully that this will ultimately prove to be bad for us and bad for democracy. Read the online community Q&A with Eli (featuring 10 ways to turn off the filter bubble): http://on.ted.com/PariserQA

Watch my favorite closing preso at #DL10 on Getting Serious about Games & Learning by Richard Culatta

Highly recommend watching this video. Richard did an amazing job on style, pacing and content!


Watch his closing session


View the slides on Slideshare.net


Follow Richard on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/rec54



For a summary and links to other DevLearn happenings, check out the article at:




For the Tweet summary, checkout:

First session presentation download on Video Basics: Understanding Flash, HTML 5 & MPEG4 at #edc10

Understanding Flash, MPEG 4 & HTML 5 Video

A comprehensive introduction to video technology, compression and delivery standards. This session will provide an overview with everything you need to know about editing, preparing and delivering the highest quality video to your users. We’ll discuss techniques and interactivity that can be added as well as the latest standards and how you can take advantage of open source, free tools, as well as the latest applications for getting the smallest file sizes and the highest quality. We’ll also discuss the hardware and software that is needed to create your own in-house studio and for green screening speakers for under $1,500.


Download my presenations from eLearningDevCon 2009

Download copies of my presentations from elearningdevcon.com conference in Utah last week.

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Design 2.0 in eLearning

Join us for this session discussing the latest technologies and tools to create the next generation of learning for your users. We’ll discuss Web 2.0 and how its effecting learning objects, tools and applications and how you can integrate it into your tools today. We’ll review several great examples that will get you excited and motivated to start creating the next generation of elearning today!

View & Download:


Quick Prototyping Techniques
Learn about the latest tools for creating wireframes or prototyping projects or modules for a elearning production. We’ll discuss techniques to help you demonstrate to your audience how the tool will work, how you can quickly build concepts and articulate them with your team. Bring your ideas, concepts or questions for interactive session.

View & Download:


Social Media Demystified 

Join us for an in-depth look at the current state of Social Media and how it can integrate with your e-learning and training efforts. Learn how you can take advantage of it for learning as well as marketing, business and life. We’ll discuss what Social Media is, how to use it effectively, how it is changing our lives, what it takes to get started. Topics will include Launching a Social Network, a look at the latest tools and how they are evolving for Twitter, Facebook, and social media based web sites.

View & Download:


Taking the next step in learning: Using Games & Simulations

Need to figure out how to incorporate games into your e-learning strategy? Attend this session for a look at the latest trends and breakthroughs for using games in learning. You’ll get an introduction to games and simulations, an understanding of what works and what doesn’t and you’ll learn how to use new Gaming techniques, blended with Web 2.0, to take training and gaming to the next level.. You’ll leave with new knowledge and a better understanding of ways to use gaming effectively for your audience. You’ll also learn new tools and techniques to share with your teams for developing internally without breaking the bank.

View & Download:


Webinar: Creating Powerful Presentations with Nancy Duarte at VizThink

Watch Nancy’s Duarte’s webinar for VizThink.com for an overview and her advice on improving presentations and designing presentations. Nancy’s company designed and coached Al Gore and his presentation deck for An Inconvenient Truth.


During the webinar she show’s an example (below), where she asked the client in under 2 minutes to explain what was the main point. Notice below how the slide gets divided into 3 clean slides which each slide is able to explain one exact point.


Tips for Remote Presenters by Nancy Duarte

Nancy has a great book she authored called slide:ology. A must have for anyone in design/creative and storyteller’s on how to create your deck. in this blog post, Nancy reviews her strategy for giving a remote presentation. She suggests:

Stand Up
Burst the Content
Present with Two
Make it Interactive
Understand the Technology

Read her blog post:

Notice the pictures on the windows to simulate an audience.


Nancy’s book on Amazon: http://tr.im/nuPA

Social Media Presentation Resources & Links

Below are a list of resources and links to web sites from the presentation.

Download Presentation – Zip File: http://tr.im/jXEj

Build a Community
NING for all Communities http://www.ning.com
CrowdVine for Conferences http://www.crowdvine.com

Join a Community
http://www.twitter.com  and follow me at http://www.twitter.com/nickfloro
http://www.linkedin.com and link with me at Nick Floro

Project Discussion Chat with Logging
37 Signals CampFire http://www.campefirenow.com

Twitter Tools
Application for Mac and PC to write, review and monitor tweets http://www.tweetdeck.com
iphone or Touch for tracking basics stats on Twitter or Google Analytics http://ego-app.com
Monitoring or Reviewing Hashtags from an event or discussion http://www.hashtags.com
Create a URL and monitor how many clicks based on a tweet you create http://www.tweetburner.com
Review your twitter grade http://twiter.grader.com
Mac Application for Tweeting – http://www.atebits.com/tweetie-mac/ 
iphone or Touch app for Twitter http://www.atebits.com/tweetie-iphone/

Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success by Dan Schawbel

Designing for the Social Web (Voices That Matter) by Joshua Porter

Upcoming Conference on eLearning DevCon 2009 in Salt Lake City June 17-19

Community for the Conference

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