Making Forms – Looking for a easy way to create forms without coding??? look no further than

I’ve been using Wufoo for a little over a year and love how easy it is to use and setup new forms that you can share with your team, clients or customers. Wufoo provides a simple interface to quickly drag and drop fields onto a page and allows you to focus on the information you need to gather rather than how you need to code or design the form.  If you need a little more power, flexibility and reporting than what Google Docs forms offer, this web app now owned by SurveyMonkey provides a great experience and power to grow. There API offers several ways to integrate into other components such as credit card transactions or the ability to attach files. We’ve used it for client projects, support forms, surveys and order forms. Forms can easily be setup without ay prior knowledge of coding and quickly launched without any special server or software since they are hosted within their servers.


The web app provides templates as well as system for customizing designs and several field types. This is a example of a web based support form we use to collect data from users who are experiencing a issue or have a question and we can quickly provide support. You can easily drag elements up or down on the form as well as quickly define field types.


After selecting a field, the left area changes from field types to specific settings for that field type. This allows you to require a field, customize the data type or provide other instructions.


After your form is setup you can easily have the data emailed to the user, as well as to your team and login back in to Wufoo to review any entries as well.

Wufoo is free for up to 3 forms and 100 entries per month or available in several inexpensive plans.

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