Looking for a Cloud Backup solution – I love CrashPlan

Just wanted to share a great tool I discovered about 3 months ago – CrashPlanPro http://www.crashplan.com/


The service works great with mac and windows machines, I’m using it with my MacBook Pro’s and love the service. After using a couple of the others, I found this one offers the best throughput and ease of use for macs. I went with the 3 year plan and can add all my computers and I don’t have to think about backing up with it working in the background, I can see that my data is easily available than via any machine as long as I have my login id and password. My main laptops use a 500gb hd so I was looking for a way to backup and archive without having to worry about drives locally and storing them offsite. They even offer a hard drive exchange to do a initial back or to get your data back if you ever require a full reinstall. I still use a local hard drive with time machine to have a local copy available.


They offer a 30 day trial, so I would recommend giving it a test drive if you are looking for a easy way to back up data.