Funny Story. Technology + Kids – Evolving Quickly


Last week a close friend brought home a new portable DVD player and asked her 5 year old daughter if she would like to have it to play with? She asked:

What does it do?
Mom: It allows you to put a dvd movie inside and watch them.

Can I download them off the internet and watch one?
No, you need to go to a store and rent or buy the DVD’s.

Can I play games on it?

Can I watch Netflix?

Can I install apps on it?

Can I get on the internet?

No thanks Mom, I’ll think I’ll use the iPad.


It’s amazing how children have grasped the technology, buzz words and are so open to it all. I remember 3 years ago that the portable DVD player was a must have, now with the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices have replaced them and DVD players/GameBoys are all most extinct. 

When was the last time you used a DVD player?