Creating Polls for Mobile or Desktops with using Web, Twitter or Text Responses #mlearncon

If you need a simple way to gather feedback from a audience or a team on the go, checkout The tool works great with a class or group of people and provides a simple way to gather feedback or enhance your meeting with participation that everyone can see. They offer a free plan for up to 30 people or and offer inexpensive plans for person, corporate and even educational pricing. We discovered this site last year and started using and recommending to clients.


You can integrate the polls into PowerPoint or Keynote and even delivery data to your web or blog site.

One of the coolest features they introduced is the ability for a presenter to have a audience of web devices that now auto-update when the user is logged into the event url and allows them to provide feedback or participate. Having used other physical devices, the usability is simple and everyone can participate, granted they have wifi or a mobile device with a modern browser such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.