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Design, Create & Explore Learning with Your Mobile Devices #DevLearn Presentation Resource

View and Download a copy of the DevLearn 2016 Presentation. Any questions, feel free to reach out and connect.

Do you feel like you’re not taking advantage of your tablet or smartphone outside of email, text messaging, and a couple apps? Mobile devices can be much more than tools to consume content and conduct conversations. Your mobile device is armed and ready to not only uncover learning opportunities but also help create them.

In this session, you will learn about several amazing apps that will provide new ways for you to explore, learn, and create new content for your learners. The session will examine the various ways you can not only move content on and off your device but also edit it. You will leave this session with new applications, ideas, and approaches to maximize the potential of your best device for learning today!

In this session, you will learn:

  •  How to take advantage of your mobile device
  • New ways to be creative with your tablet and phone
  •  About new apps and tools to add creative splash to your content
  • How to create, edit, and move content on and off your device


Download / Resources for Compressing Audio and Video for Desktop and Mobile Delivery from #trgconf

From Training Magazines 2016 Conference in Orland this week.

Updated with the latest tools, resources and techniques to compress your media for optimal delivery to mobile and desktop devices. This session will provide an overview with everything you need to know about editing, preparing and delivering the highest quality video and audio to your audience. We’ll discuss techniques and interactivity that can be added as well as the latest standards and how you can take advantage of open source, free compression tools, as well as the latest applications for getting the smallest file sizes and the highest quality.

Make the move to the Adobe Creative Cloud

Using Adobe products for the past 20 years, I’ve gotten use to every 12-18 months upgrading to the latest CS build. Over the past couple weeks, I decided to test drive the new Creative Cloud and I was blown away by the experience. As a existing user, I was able to take advantage of special pricing for the first year and then it runs $69 per month. Once you are a member you gain access to the entire creative suite and you can choose which options to install and download. The setup and installation process was painless and easy to complete. 

As you can see below, you get access to the full suite of tools including the new Edge tools which include Preview versions of unreleased HTML5 software tools.

Looking for a Cloud Backup solution – I love CrashPlan

Just wanted to share a great tool I discovered about 3 months ago – CrashPlanPro


The service works great with mac and windows machines, I’m using it with my MacBook Pro’s and love the service. After using a couple of the others, I found this one offers the best throughput and ease of use for macs. I went with the 3 year plan and can add all my computers and I don’t have to think about backing up with it working in the background, I can see that my data is easily available than via any machine as long as I have my login id and password. My main laptops use a 500gb hd so I was looking for a way to backup and archive without having to worry about drives locally and storing them offsite. They even offer a hard drive exchange to do a initial back or to get your data back if you ever require a full reinstall. I still use a local hard drive with time machine to have a local copy available.


They offer a 30 day trial, so I would recommend giving it a test drive if you are looking for a easy way to back up data.

Apple introduces iBook Author, the cost? FREE



Apple introduces a new app iBooks Author which allows you to integrate and develop content right within the tool. Will play and report back with some examples shortly. Content is published to the iOS platform via the new iBooks app. You can download today via the App Store. You can use HTML and Javascript to expand capabilities further. McGraw-Hill: hard at work on Algebra 1, Biology Chemistry, Geometry, Physics, used by 3m students. All five available today. Read the event coverage by MacNN:


Watch the Apple video here to learn more:


They also announced a new app for iTunes U so you can have a course with content in one place.

iOS: Zite: Great news app for keeping up on what interests you…


Zite is a great iOS app for exploring and keeping up on the latest news in your favorite categories, similar to FlipBoard, it displays the latest stories in several views which you can easily navigate by moving left to right in the top area and then your stories will display. Selecting a story will display the article with options to share with others as well as vote which will improve the news items that are presented each time you use the app.

You can easily setup an account so you can share you profile and categories between multiple devices. Easy to use and great app to keep up with the latest information.