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Training 2014: Designing for Mobile Learning Devices #trg14

View & download a copy of presentation for 2/3/14 at Training 2014 in San Diego.

This presentation will provide you with the foundation you need to get started in mobile design and development. You’ll learn best practices for designing for mobile and what challenges you may face in platforms, smartphones vs. tablets vs. next generation touch devices. Floro will discuss and provide techniques for designing mobile apps that work, from sketching to wireframing to prototyping and launching a course, web app or mobile app. You’ll learn what tools you can use to help visualize concepts and how to prototype quickly without breaking the bank.

New to eLearning? Don’t miss the eLearning Foundations Intensive 3/19-20 in Orlando, FL #LSCon


I had the opportunity to both participate in a small part in the eLearning Foundations Intensive, part of eLearningGuilds Learning Solutions conference, last year and was blown away by the content and speakers. This is a great opportunity for anyone new to the field or wanting to master the fundamentals. The pace and content flow is great and you can learn a lot in the 2 days that you can immediately apply to what you are doing back in the office. 

Monday and Tuesday, March 19th & 20th
Orlando, Florida


E3: Project Natal – First Product that utilizes the technology: Meet Milo

Milo is a new product by Lionhead Studios, using the Natal technology, he can recognize you and your emotions. Notice about 3 minutes in where Clare draws on a paper and waves it in front of the TV and Milo understands what’s on the paper. Just imagine if we get browser and flash support how we can utilize this for learning! If you have not watched the Project Natal video click here: E3: Microsoft Project Natal – Look’s Amazing. Controller free interaction, voice control, 3d imaging and sensing emotions.

Trying to grab a fish

Drawing a picture:

Places paper in front of bar and paper appears on screen and Milo recognizes shape.

Watch the full video: