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5 Must Do’s @  eLearning Guild’s #DevLearn 2017

Excited to be attending and participating in this week’s DevLearn. If you are new or experienced attendee, 5 reminders of things to check out at the event.

HYPERDRIVE – Tuesday 3.30-6.30pm, this is a fun in-depth look at several select projects where you learn about the challenge, problems, outcomes and lessons learned. I love this session herding about what worked, what didn’t; and seeing real projects and thinking what I might apply to a future project. Each project is scored by a panel and 3 projects will be selected to present a more in-depth version on Wed.

Morning Buzz 7:30 – 8:15 – Get up and connect with the community about the latest topics and trends to have a conversation and share your insights, Wed-Friday.

DevLearn HyperDrive Showcase 1.15-2.15pm – Whether you were able to attend HyperDrive or not, check out this session for a little more time and insight on the winning projects. Must watch for ideas and inspiration.

The Guild’s keynotes have been amazing in recent years, but especially loved Glen Keane earlier this year at Learning Solutions and walked away inspired and excited about what we do.   Whether you have seen him or not, if you want to be inspired and get a creative boost attend his keynote 4.15-5.15 on Embracing Technology-Based Creativity.

DemoFest – With each eLearning Guild major conference, attending DemoFest on Thursday evening from 4-6 will showcase over 80 tables where you can learn about projects that were using in VR, Mobile, Onboarding, Academic among other themes. This is a great opportunity to connect with peers and learn about what they did, what worked and what didn’t and while listening and viewing think about what you like, what you don’t and what might apply to your next project.

Hope to connect, share and swap notes!


My 2017 Distance Teaching & Learning Conference #DTLC Preso Decks


Creativity and design thinking are essential for educators to provide engaging learning experiences. In this talk Nick will unleash your creativity showing how good design in everyday things can be a source of inspiration to spark ideas for new and better ways to teach with technology. You’ll get practical tips, see examples of new tools and learn about innovative design strategies that can be applied in simple ways to produce learning results without a huge team or budget. You’ll also hear about several trends, just around the corner, that all instructors and learning designers need to know to be an effective 21st century educator. Fasten your seat belts for a fast-paced and fun exploration of design for learning with technology.


Learn about amazing apps and new techniques for quickly creating, editing and delivering new course content using just your mobile devices to maximize learning. You’ll also learn how to best capture, record and share content via your mobile devices.

Learn the latest strategies, workflows, and tools for creating eLearning products using a prototyping design process. Get hands-on practice communicating a concept beginning with low-fidelity mock-ups; gather user feedback and translate into high fidelity prototypes before you start development. Come to this session with at least 2 project ideas for further development.




2017 Distance Teaching & Learning Conference DT&L Conference

How Oculus Rift works: Everything you need to know about the VR sensation

The Oculus Rift may look like a relatively simple device but it’s actually a pretty amazing piece of kit packing a wealth of cutting-edge tech. The hugely exciting virtual reality headset includes a whole bunch of amazing hardware designed to create a sense of complete immersion in a three-dimensional world. When you realise what’s in…

Source: How Oculus Rift works: Everything you need to know about the VR sensation

Design, Create & Explore Learning with Your Mobile Devices #DevLearn Presentation Resource

View and Download a copy of the DevLearn 2016 Presentation. Any questions, feel free to reach out and connect.

Do you feel like you’re not taking advantage of your tablet or smartphone outside of email, text messaging, and a couple apps? Mobile devices can be much more than tools to consume content and conduct conversations. Your mobile device is armed and ready to not only uncover learning opportunities but also help create them.

In this session, you will learn about several amazing apps that will provide new ways for you to explore, learn, and create new content for your learners. The session will examine the various ways you can not only move content on and off your device but also edit it. You will leave this session with new applications, ideas, and approaches to maximize the potential of your best device for learning today!

In this session, you will learn:

  •  How to take advantage of your mobile device
  • New ways to be creative with your tablet and phone
  •  About new apps and tools to add creative splash to your content
  • How to create, edit, and move content on and off your device


Plan to attend the Hyperdrive event at #DevLearn16 on Nov 15 3:30pm @elearningguild 

If you are attending DevLearn in 2 weeks, be sure to attend the HyperDrive event on Tuesday Nov 15, 3.30pm – 6.30pm. You’ll see several amazing examples of learning, and how creativity was used to help each specific audience.

DevLearn Conference & Expo 2016 – November 16-18, 2016 | Las Vegas, NV

Source: DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo · Hyperdrive

Summer Learning, Growing & Getting Inspired with #OzLearn!


Its summer time and here a couple ideas to spark your creativity in learning, growing and getting inspired! As a learning architect, I get the opportunity to work with dozens of projects each year. One of the biggest challenges is understanding the challenges and requirements for any particular project as well as understanding the audience, the technology that can be used deliver  amazing learning experiences.

1. Sketching & Wireframing
Pick up a pencil and some paper and just start sketching a concept to help visualizing the options, the challenges and gather feedback immediately to refine and evolve your concept. I often start drawing during a meeting or brainstorming session to help capture a concept and visually look, think and analyze what each option would mean to the concept. Use your phone to quickly snap a photo and you can post, share or reference it after the meeting to further evolve or communicate the concept with your team or audience members.

Sketching can be scary at first, but you have to ignore the initial fear factor, and just start to sketch. The more you do it you’ll quick improve your skills. Working in several workshops I’m often blown away with how many people don’t take advantage of the technique and how good they are using the technique.

If you working on a new idea, concept or project, take 5-10 minutes and illustrate a screen, activity or concept to help tell the story when you are sharing it with your stakeholder or testing a concept with a audience member.

2016-07-10_16-28-09After sketching and getting the base concepts we use wireframing and Apple’s Keynote to further define and visualize the concept. You can also use Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides.

1. Sketch a screen or activity on a project you are working on this way.
2. Share the sketch and explain your concept to a peer or stakeholder.
3. Revise and evolve the concept.

What did you learn? Did it help? Try it again and integrate into your workflow.


2. Play with a New, Old or Favorite App
Open your favorite app, download a new app or open a app you haven’t played within a while. Whether its the first time you used the app or your a repeat user, run thru the exercise.


  • What was your first experience with the app? Did they teach you how to use it or drop you into a experience and you simply started to play?
  • Did you find it a positive or negative experience?
  • What do you like about the app?
  • Can you easily navigate the app?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • Did you get lost or frustrated? Why?

Edit the list above to help you think about and evaluate and capture feedback.



If I encounter a app that is positive or negative, I often take a screen shot or picture of that app and note what is great or not and share it with my team. I capture these screens to inspire and remind me what works and what doesn’t and use it to jump start a new project or concept. The bigger your library gets the easier it will be to draw from great experience as well as what failed and this will help improve your decisions in designing experiences.

Download Flipboard (free for iOS or Android and via the web). If you already have it and haven’t used it in a while check it out again. I find this to be a great app and has a unique experience from phone to tablet to desktop. Its a great way to learn and keep with the new information.

Exercise: think about how you would use this format in a learning project?



3. Read a Book, listen to a podcast, watch a movie and connect with a peer
There are so many ways for us to connect today, make sure you continue to take advantage of that to learn, share and grow. Make sure you plan some time every week to reflect, research and discuss a project, experience or to brainstorm some new ideas.

creativityOne of my favorite recent books is Creativity, Inc. by Ed Catmull. Whether you love Pixar or love a good story this is an amazing book to learn about  creativity. You’ll learn how the Pixar founders always wanted to create movies using computers and their struggles, stories and how their passion eventually led them to being one of the most successful animation houses sharing amazing stories with their audience. You also learn about their culture, how they grew and how they dealt with failures along the way. One of my favorites, is how they accidenlty deleted the majority of server animations for a major production with a simple command. I’ll let you discover what happened next. This will inspire you to grow and use some of their techniques in your every day creativity. Amazon


 4. Looking outside of your world.
Whether you are a designer, programmer or manager I always find its invaluable to connect with others outside the world of learning to learn from their experiences and what I can apply and use in our world. At your next social event, conference or family gathering be sure to explore what others our doing, what they are passionate about, what they are struggling with or crushing and share your experiences as well.

If you are watching TV or a movie, its great to do a quick post-event review about what you saw, heard, felt and learned during that experience? Which of these worked well and which did not, and what can you translate back to a upcoming project?


What did you _____________? (see, hear, feel, learn)


5. Unplug and Reboot Your Brain
Its summer time and while we don’t always get long periods of vacation, be sure to take advantage of any down time do things you love, unplug from the technology and reflect on what you want to do in the upcoming weeks outside of the every day work flow. Do you want to test a new technology? Do you want to update your work flow? How can you improve your experiences to help your audience?




joinusJoin the conversation on Tuesday’s #Ozlearn. Join us 8 pm AEST – 11 am BST. #elearning  #tweetchat with Con Sotidis @LearnKotch (6am EST) to share your ideas on learning, growing and getting inspired!

Checkout the helpful App & Web Resource – #learning #lscon

If you haven’t played with app Flipboard,  you should download the latest version for iOS or Android. It easily allows to select from hundreds of categories and web resources and then easily review them daily or weekly based on your schedule. The web version is also great when you are on your desktop station and want to check out the latest stories.

Great design inspiration in the layout, be sure to look at it on the phone and tablet in portrait and landscape to learn how it moves and reacts to the users preference. I use it several times a week.




iPad Pro Landscape:

2 Flipboard Landscape Tiles


iPad Pro Portrait: