Amazing eLearning Events coming in June #lrnchat

I’m excited about attending the Innovations in E-Learning Symposium, June 1-3. If you are on the east coast or looking for an upcoming event you may want to check it out.
Innovation in E-learning Symposium JUNE 1-3 in Reston,VA  
This will be my first time at this event, looking forward to hearing John Romero (maker of Doom, Quake..), Dr. Alan Kay, and Dr. Clark Quinn’s sessions. Learn more at
eLearning DevCon 2010 June 16-18 in Salt Lake City, Utah
I’ve been attending and participating in this event for the past 3 years and continues to be one of the best events for learning about the latest trends, technologies, and interacting with our peers on learning development and delivery of content to users. If you are attending, please plan to reach out and say Hi! Learn more at
eLearningGuild’s mLearnCon June 15-17 in San Diego, CA
This looks like a great new event for anyone interested or currently working on mobile delivery of content. If the hardware continues to advance on the current pace this will be an amazing way to deliver content to users and provide new ways to reach out and learn. I won’t be able to attend this one but looking forward to attending the next one and I’ll be following on twitter.—home every Thursday at 11.30am EST or 8.30pm EST

If you haven’t had a chance to join a Learnchat, this is an amazing community that meets every Thursday on Twitter. Each week focuses on different topics and questions that the audience submits and the community contributes, exchanges and debate each question. A great way to keep up and exchange information with your peers in eLearning. Learn more at or Follow at Just search for the hashtag at the time and join in #lrnchat.