8 gigabytes of RAM makes a difference.

I’ve been using Apple based laptops for several years now and I migrated to the 17″ model when they were originally announced by Apple. One thing I have noticed is that with the last 2 generations of the unit the high-res screen of 1920 x 1200 is a must have when working with several applications or windows. The extra real estate makes it easier to multi-task or move data around while brainstorming or wire framing. I ordered the new 17″ when announced at the January Macworld and got my hands in early March. Shortly after getting the unit I added the 8 gigabytes of RAM, from http://www.transintl.com/, which cost about $750 but wow was it worth it. My previous units had 4 gb’s which I always thought was enough but the 8 gb’s has made for a smoother experience especially running VMWare. I can now easily have Windows XP Home and alternate open or even Vista open with XP. Now Vista is slow and goofy but it runs comfortably now while running several mac apps at the same time and dare I say its usable.

 So if you been debating adding more memory to your workstation or looking at a new laptop, check out the Apple MacBook Pro 17″. The higher end MacBook Pro 15 also now supports 8 gb’s of ram as well.

 Update, last week I got my hands on the 7200 rpm 500gb hard drive and its nice to have some breathing room on the hard drive again. Great drive, quiet, and have not notice any additional heat or hit in battery life. Now, just have to find the budget to upgrade my team’s systems.

 Next on my wish list is a 30″ monitor.