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Fujitsu SnapScan: Great Scanner for meetings, notes, documents and sharing information

If you are looking for a great way to get organized, check out the great sheet fed scanners from Fujitsu. I’ve had the SnapScan model for about 3+ years now and love it. It’s a great way to take notes that you have from a meeting, scan them and get a instant pdf, sketches for a wireframe or interface, or documents that you want to keep handy for a future use.

For the mac, they have the M series which works great with OS X and you can hit a button on the scanner and seconds later you have a PDF of your documents. You can easily e-mail or reprint later and the speed is amazing. 

Here’s an example of some notes that I took on a wireframe and then shared with my team, it speeds up the whole process.


Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M $425


ScanSnap S300M $240


iPhone Apps I’m using currently and can’t live without…











Calendar  and


 ipod which I use all day and night, its a part of me, some other tools I use daily:


Things – a great to do list manager that works and syncs with the desktop app or works independently.


Now Playing – my favorite app for checking movie times whereever I’m at


AIM – for connecting while on the road with my team


Tweetie for twitter


 Top Floor for highrise access on the road


 GroundWork for basecamp access on the road


Facebook keeping in touch with friends and family


 QucikOffice for working with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and editing them


Shopper for managing my shopping lists


1Password for your Mac and iPhone to track ids/passwords for your accoutns


 Amazon Mobile for ordering or checking reviews on products, amazing example of how an app can be used with web data


 Are My Sites Up – for monitoring web site status


Sportstacular for tracking my favorite sports teams and upcoming schedule


Jaadu VNC for accessing machines on the network


Webex Meet for participating in Webex on the road


Ego – track Twitter followers and GoogleStats


 Photos for quick presentations, save your presentation as a series of images, great for a quick 1 on 1 presentation or review with a client

E3: Project Natal – First Product that utilizes the technology: Meet Milo

Milo is a new product by Lionhead Studios, using the Natal technology, he can recognize you and your emotions. Notice about 3 minutes in where Clare draws on a paper and waves it in front of the TV and Milo understands what’s on the paper. Just imagine if we get browser and flash support how we can utilize this for learning! If you have not watched the Project Natal video click here: E3: Microsoft Project Natal – Look’s Amazing. Controller free interaction, voice control, 3d imaging and sensing emotions.

Trying to grab a fish

Drawing a picture:

Places paper in front of bar and paper appears on screen and Milo recognizes shape.

Watch the full video:

E3: Microsoft Project Natal – Look’s Amazing. Controller free interaction, voice control, 3d imaging and sensing emotions.

Microsoft demonstrates a new piece of hardware, shipping in 2010 (no official shipping date), looks amazing and introduces several innovative technologies to consumers. For a small investment you get a controller-free interface to basically use your body for interacting and diving into game play. You also get 3D imaging and voice control and from the demonstration this will have a incredible impact on game play and interacting with your tv.

Believe it or Not:

Sony demonstrates the PS3 Motion Controller.


Games & Simulations in Learning: Some thoughts and a Great Deal on the Wii

During my presentations on Games & Simulations, I encourage the audience to be sure to go out and play and try the different types of games and environments that are out there. This is a key for you to understand the different types of games and options that you can incorporate into the training content that you may be developing. One of the most fun consoles out there is the Wii because of its innovate interaction with the game and the ability to have multiplayers at the same time jumping and moving to achieve a specific goal. This is especially a great console for home’s with families and it gives you an excuse to do your homework and have some fun with the kids or your spouse.

When we think of gaming we typically visualize the gamer below. In fact in the gaming generation (anyone born after 1980) 43% of the gamers are females and 26% continue over the age of 18. By the times these students graduate college they have over 10,000 hours of logged game play.

In this age of technology, where kids and adults have such easy access to information and technology we need to continue to innovate, capitalize and integrate these concepts into our training in order to deliver training in new ways.


Those of you that want to do your homework before meeting with me again, you can now get a Wii at Dell for $212.49. A great deal. 

The deal was found via, a great resource for saving money on technology and other things we need: Dell Home has the Nintendo Wii Game Console for $249.99 with free shipping. Apply coupon code “65G7RQ11J?M2LH” and it falls to $212.49. That’s one of the few times we’ve seen the Wii for below list price. Sales tax is added where applicable. It includes the Wii console, Wii Remote Controller, Wii Nunchuk Controller, and Wii Sports. Coupon ends July 31.

Apple Certified Refurbished – Great Deals

With the current economy you may be looking for opportunities to cut costs but you may still need to purchase a new computer. Apple offers the latest and previous generation computers via their refurbished section where you can save $100 – $300 off the original price. The purchase comes with a full 1 year warranty and after getting several machines via this discount the only difference I’ve seen is that the machine is delivered in brown recycled box typically. Take a look the next time you are looking to add a new laptop or workstation. Some of the specials currently include:


Macbook White 2.1 – 2.4ghz $849 – $999


 iMac 20-inch 2.0ghz – $949


 Macbook 2.0ghz $1,099

Check out at the latest:

Mosso: Hosting and Deploying Web Servers Quickly

If you are a web developer or manage several sites, Mosso is a great hosted solution for $100 per month you can setup as many sites, urls and manage them independently. It allows for easy web-based management if you want to offer to your teams or clients and you can setup individual pricing or offer as part of your package.

 The service allows you to quickly deploy a new url and have a server setup within an hour. They offer dns, email and ftp support as well as configurations with MYSQL, Linux, or Windows and you can switch post launch with a couple clicks on the management site. The email service, offers pop3, smtp as well as a webmail service and spam filtering which you can control for each domain.

 They also offer a cloud service now, which we are in the process of testing, similar to Amazon’s service and they utilize Limelight’s network. If you are dealing with lots of video or large files it worth giving it a try to improve download speeds for your audience.

 We’ve been using them for about a year now and have deployed dozens of sites. Strongly recommend. They are also owned by Rackspace. Learn more at