Nick Floro is president of Sealworks Interactive Studios, a developer of innovative solutions for the web, cd and digital devices. Nick has over 25 years of experience helping companies design and develop e-learning courses, web apps and platforms. Nick is passionate about how technology can enhance learning and loves to share his knowledge and experience to inspire, teach and motivate.




eLearning Guild – conference speaker 2006-2017 on design,UI/UZ,  video, games & simulations.

ATD Conferences – workshops and sessions.

Training.com – conference speaker session on Design – Designing Interfaces.

Learning DevCamp – elearning Conference speaker 2006-2017 , presented four 90 minute sessions on project management, latest in video technologies, building interactive teams, creating games & simulations, design and social media.

Macworld Conference Leader on Interactive Technologies 2000-2012.  Present introduction and advanced 75 minute sessions as well as 1and 2 day conferences on interactive technologies from getting started, project management, to featured software and case study solutions.

Fortune 500 Guest Speaker on technology innovations and implementing the latest tools and solutions in their environments. McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Quest Diagnostics, Dow Jones, Apple, and Adobe.

PANMA Board Member: Philadelphia Area New Media Association. Developing new content and developing training and informative sessions on new tools, technologies and processes for creating interactive content.

About Sealworks – Sealworks, Inc. is a privately owned corporation founded in 1992 by Nick Floro and Kristina Veale. Our vision is work with clients, as a partner, to develop unique solutions to help market, organize and educate their audiences. Sealworks has focused on functional designs while weaving technology to produce amazing experiences. sealworks.com