Top 5 CSS tutorials and tools for beginner css – Dignol #mlearncon

Find here the ultimate list of top 5 websites that give you complete CSS tutorials and tools for beginner css training. This is also for that blooger who uses css in their blog.

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Great new web resource: Introducing | Webdesigner Depot

Nothing matters more in this industry than keeping your finger on the pulse. The challenge is separating the wheat from the chaff: with hundreds of blogs, countless social media accounts, and thousa

Source: Introducing | Webdesigner Depot

Development Tools

Build Apple Watch and Android Wear prototypes using today #prototyping

Now you can build Apple Watch and Android Wear prototypes in InVision! Check out the demo for a spin to see it in action. Great product for prototyping, brainstorming and concept development.

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Development Education Learning Tools

Need to analyze your writing readability, check out the Hemingway Editor #devcon #chat2lrn #lrnchat

Great web based tool (a desktop version is available) to check your writings readability. Great for creating directions, help or just about any type of content. Provides a quick break down of paragraphs, sentences, words and characters as well as providing analysis on the writing level with Grade level analysis.

Great resource for writing:

Web Link to Hemingway App

Design Education Inspiration Learning

Great, Fun Learning sample with Tour the States #video #microlearning #Chat2Lrn

Great example of drawing, music and lyrics to create a catch, fun way for kids to learn about the states. My 10 year old was shown it in school as part of their Social Studies project.


Design Development Education Presentations

Attend my BYOL pre-conference session on Launching a Mobile App: From Concept to Delivery at #mLearnCon on 6/9

Join me for a hands on session, June 9 at mLearnCon in Austin, Texas. You will learn how to plan, designing a prototype, testing your concept and what’s involved in delivering a mobile app with HTML5 and PhoneGap.  A great way to understand whats involved, how to get started and great resources and information to get you on the road map of creating your own mobile content and apps.

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Design Development Education Presentations

Speaking at Distance Teaching & Learning Conference August 2015

I’ll be attending and presenting at the upcoming Distance Teaching & Learning Conference August 11-13, 2015 in Madison, Wisconsin.

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Conference Web Site


Design Development Education Learning

Attending Learning Solutions 2015, be sure to attend DemoFest #LS15


If you are attending eLearningGuild’s Learning Solutions in Orlando, FL 3/24-27, be sure to join us at DemoFest on Thursday from 4:45 – 6:45pm. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about what our peers are doing in developing learning solutions, what tools and techniques are being utilized and what challenges they face during development. It’s a great chance to ask questions and share so plan to take advantage of this great opportunity.



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Watch the Best of LS DemoFest:


Design Development Learning Presentations

Attend ATD LearnNow on Mobile Learning 3/9 in Miami, FL

Join us for 1.5 day workshop on getting started with Mobile Learning with Clark Quinn and Sarah Gilbert in March.

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Design Hardware Inspiration

Microsoft announces HoloLens – Windows 10 – releasing in near future.

More practical then Google Glass? Closer to release? More impressive?