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Form – Mac App for iOS Prototyping – Free from Google

Form is a new approach to interaction design and prototyping. Form lets you build custom prototypes directly on the device. Form prototypes are native and they have access to the device’s camera and other sensors. Prototypes built with Form are as powerful as their coded counterparts.

Watch the intro tutorial:


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How HTML5 Is Changing Today’s eLearning #DevLearn14

There’s a great deal of buzz in our industry about HTML5. Chances are that the development tool you’re using to create eLearning can output to HTML5, but most instructional designers are not sure why that feature is important. HTML5 is also a subject that, for many, is clouded in confusion, with learning professionals often unable to translate the technical discussion into understanding of what the technology makes possible.

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DevLearn Session: Compressing Media for Mobile and Desktop Delivery with HTML5

DevLearn14 Session | A comprehensive introduction to video and audio compression, you’ll learn the best delivery standards for optimizing content delivery to mobile and desktop devices; the session will provide an overview of everything you need to know about editing, preparing, and delivering the highest-quality video and audio to your audience. We’ll discuss techniques and interactivity that can be added, as well as the latest standards and how you can take advantage of open-source, free compression tools, as well as the latest applications for getting the smallest file sizes and the highest quality.

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Join me at #DevLearn for my PreConference Session on Demystifying Media in eLearning

In this workshop you will learn the latest strategies, techniques, and best practices for using audio and video in your learning programs. You will discover how to plan your media using storyboards, discuss the importance of selecting and preparing the talent that will be featured in a video, explore how to create a video or audio file, and how to edit and prepare the source file to ensure it is the highest quality while still being accessible to your audience. You’ll examine techniques and interactivity that you can add to video and learn about the latest standards. You will explore the various low-cost hardware and software that is needed to create your own in-house studio for under $1,500.


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Mockup / Wireframe Templates for iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Checkout these templates on Line 25’s web site.

iphone6_templates apple_watch_templates

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OS X Yosemite 10.10 public beta launching today

We’ve been testing the next version and its amazing!

Get an Overview:

Download the Beta:

10.10 Yosemite Apple


iOS 8 – Peer to Peer Airplay

A great new feature added in Apple’s announcements at WWDC is the ability to connect to devices without being logged into the network and sharing peer to peer. Learn more at:


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Is it done yet?

A fun animated short we created, based on actual experience to illustrate some of the every day problems with trying to manage a project without a tool.

Is It Done Yet? from LaunchCycle on Vimeo.

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eLearningGuilds SolutionFest – Free Webinar on 4/2 1pm est

Check out the amazing courses and apps that won this years Learning Solutions SolutionFest 2014. It’s free and you’ll get the inside scoop of how each course was built, what challenges were faced and get some fresh ideas that you can apply to your content. Register Today for the SolutionFest Webinar


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Adding a file to toolbar in Maverick 10.9

Apple changed the simple drag and drop, to a command-option then drag and drop the file into the toolbar.

Mavericks 10.9 Toolbar