iOS 8 – Peer to Peer Airplay

A great new feature added in Apple’s announcements at WWDC is the ability to connect to devices without being logged into the network and sharing peer to peer. Learn more at:

Peer to Peer Airplay in iOS8

Apple Peer to Peer Airplay

Biz Development Inspiration

Is it done yet?

A fun animated short we created, based on actual experience to illustrate some of the every day problems with trying to manage a project without a tool.

Is It Done Yet? from LaunchCycle on Vimeo.

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eLearningGuilds SolutionFest – Free Webinar on 4/2 1pm est

Check out the amazing courses and apps that won this years Learning Solutions SolutionFest 2014. It’s free and you’ll get the inside scoop of how each course was built, what challenges were faced and get some fresh ideas that you can apply to your content. Register Today for the SolutionFest Webinar


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Adding a file to toolbar in Maverick 10.9

Apple changed the simple drag and drop, to a command-option then drag and drop the file into the toolbar.

Mavericks 10.9 Toolbar

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Co-presenting a Free Webinar 3/6 on Mobile Learning Design and Development

If your organization is considering mobile learning, and how to take advantage of mobile devices to enhance training programs this session is for you. Learn more at: Learn More & Register
Learning Camposiums

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Training 2014: Designing for Mobile Learning Devices #trg14

View & download a copy of presentation for 2/3/14 at Training 2014 in San Diego.

This presentation will provide you with the foundation you need to get started in mobile design and development. You’ll learn best practices for designing for mobile and what challenges you may face in platforms, smartphones vs. tablets vs. next generation touch devices. Floro will discuss and provide techniques for designing mobile apps that work, from sketching to wireframing to prototyping and launching a course, web app or mobile app. You’ll learn what tools you can use to help visualize concepts and how to prototype quickly without breaking the bank.

Design Development Presentations Web Resource

Training 2014: Presentation on Designing & Developing Learning Using HTML5

Download and View a copy from 2/3 presentation at Training2014.


Getting to meet Steve Wozniak at The Wharton Web Conference

Wow, last summer I had the opportunity to attend The Wharton Web Conference which featured Steve Wozniak in a Q&A Keynote. I also had a special opportunity, thanks to Wharton and Tim Allen to have dinner the Woz.


Steve and I

Growing up on Apple, this was an amazing experience. During his keynote, Steve talked about Apple, Google, open vs closed systems, education and shared his thoughts on several technology trends. One story that stuck with me, was how he had less than a week to create the first disk drive for the Apple II right before a conference. He created the first gen version which then went into production and provided a way for us to save less than 1mb of data onto a portable media.


After dinner, he signed the groups phone or anything you had with you. I went with the iPhone 4, which was my phone at the time. A couple of the guests had him sign an Android device, which I expected to explode (haha).


Looking forward to going again this week, a great event if you can attend:

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Looking at Mobile performance of HTML5 Canvas by Codefessions

A great video to demonstrate current challenges on delivering content on various mobile hardware and platforms today. It’s getting better, but slowly.


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Join me on 6/4 for a free educational webinar on Thinking Mobile Learning First

Whether you are developing a new course, selecting a new LMS or thinking about developing a mobile app you’ll need to understand what’s involved in designing and delivering content on mobile devices from smartphones to tablets to hybrids, this webinar will provide a overview of what you need to define, how to sketch out concepts, prototyping and testing your ideas and then how to deliver. You’ll learn about apps vs web apps and understand which works best.

The webinar topics cover:

    Understanding Mobile technology and how to take advantage of it
    Analyzing your audience and how they are accessing your content
    3 Major types of Apps, how you can use them in learning and looking beyond them
    Prototyping tips and techniques from paper to functional prototypes
    Several App and Course examples under the microscope